Sonntag, 25. März 2012

Tuesday next week, we will really start. There will be video chart and setup for intraday trading. watch out.

maybe I will ad a few swingtrades.

watch the inverse head and shoulder next week. right from the monday morning.

Montag, 5. März 2012

Update on the EUR/JPY trade, Trade closed poorly.

I like to stay up on mondays and a weekend trade is in the money. Huge monday morgning risk-off is in Play. I was not able to enter any other trade. There was no pullback at all. I am waiting for a pullback to risk-on to enter more. Here, at this levels risk-reward is not in my favour. If we will still sell off into US-Open I am in the EUR/JPY.

EUR/JPY is BE now. Just a reminder, do not let a winner turn into a loser. Specially not on a monday. Be Smart.


I would like to say I am still in the EUR/JPY trade from Friday. …… Nop. Killed the trade at BE.
Now, it is Tuesday morning and the EUR/JPY makes new lows. That is trading, you are fighting the whole evening, adding perfectly into the pull back and after 8 hours of waiting you kill the trade near BE. Now watch and see the pair hit the target. I will not reenter now, the setup is gone. To bad.
But there are some lessons to learn from it. Patience, patience, patience…..and do not watch position trades….
Now preparing for the next trade.
In addition yesterday was the perfect day to trade NZD pair. Guess who was not part of the move, because he watched (babysitted) EUR/JPY.

Addition #2

Misted the whole currency-rally. I will not trade for a reversal yet. I will watch how the US session evolves. There will be better times to trade than a day with 1,5% moves and you misted the boot (actually I stopped myself out before the fall starts).

Not my day, but I have crashed my account by finding the counter trade rally....

Sonntag, 4. März 2012

Upload Outlook Video.

Please watch my outlook video for the upcoming week.

It is my first english video. Do not judge my english. I do my very best.

I will maybe add  a short video on a possible NZD/USD trade I am watching.


Classical Bear Flag Setup

I am a bit proud of the Entry. Nice and smart.

I will make a bigger discussion on this later when the trade played out or will be stopped out.

I lower me size because of the weekend risk.


First is the setup:

Second Picture is the nice entry.

I like the entry not because it is picture perfect. I like it because I was patient and waited until the price achieved my sell limit (reasons: former support und 108 even number play)

Stay tune. Next week will be even more eventful. Remember it is NFP-week.

How to trade for just 60 cents.

Scalp in CRUDE OIL from friday evening.

In momentum trades it is all about price pattern and time.

I hope the picture shows it. Price was in a down trend. I wanted to be part of it and follow the trend with a low risk setup.

I just managed to get 60 cents out of it, but I stayed nimble, because friday afternoon is not me favorite time to trade.

Enjoy Smart Money.

The Anatomy of a Head-and-Shoulder Trade in EUR/AUD

Hi Guys,

as promised here is my EUR/AUD from the week which worked out almost picture perfect.

I noticed a divergence in the two "risk on" currencies AUD and EUR. There are possibilities to trade AUD strength and EUR weakness, which had be the whole plan for the week. You can either by AUD/USD and sell EUR/USD, or you coul simple short EUR/AUD, which has the nice carry trade addition (keyword is swap). I take the advance of the EUR/AUD trade and it played out nice.


Stop: just 20 Pips
Target 1 for momentum: 40 Pips
Target 2: 140- 160 Pips (it has depend how you measure the S&H-Pattern)

Both Targets was achieved on Friday. Enjoying Smart Money.

Here is the Setup in Picture.

First picture is 4H Setup.

Second Picture is on a smaller timeframe and shows my entry.

Third Pictures show smallest timeframe and how I have handled the momentum portion.

Later in the blog I will post how I trade this momentum stuff. Time, Pattern and Price acton are the key to trade high lot sizes.

Stay tuned for the outlook for next week, my EUR/JPY Setup, which is still on and maybe my little CRUDE OIL trade from friday evening.

See you. Enjoying sunny sunday.

Samstag, 3. März 2012

Back in the Trading Arena and Trade of the Week.


After a "short"(6 month) break I am back in trading.

I have had my first week behind me. And what a week it was. The LTRO announcement and the Bernanke testimony set the tone for the week. Until wednesday 10 EST. there was no trends. I managed to get 10-25 pips moves but nothing major.

And then there was Wednesday. Helicopter Ben steps up the podium and the DOLLAR felt as expected as he starts to speak. Just in his third sentence he said there will be no QE3 just yet. Seller stepped in and suddenly there was no Buyer left. After 10 mins price was 60 pips lower and the uptrend in EUR/USD was broken. BOOM

There is my ENTRY on this day. Enjoy Free Money; Enjoy Smart Money.

The Numbers:

-  Stop 20 Pips
-  Target 1: 60 Pips (made in 5 mins)
-  Target 2: 150 Pips

I could have made quite some more Pips, but I like to take the free lunch.
At the end of the week the EURO is 250 Pips lower from my Entry, but I made my stake. Done.

I have several setup for the coming week and I am in one position over the weekend (I will post the setup later).

I will post my EUR/AUD trade (closed with 140 Pips), my open EUR/JPY trade and my trading setups for next week later.

Have a great weekend.

As you may notice the new blog is in english and will be in the future (as I am german). But this is for a reason.  Stay tuned for more to come.