Samstag, 3. März 2012

Back in the Trading Arena and Trade of the Week.


After a "short"(6 month) break I am back in trading.

I have had my first week behind me. And what a week it was. The LTRO announcement and the Bernanke testimony set the tone for the week. Until wednesday 10 EST. there was no trends. I managed to get 10-25 pips moves but nothing major.

And then there was Wednesday. Helicopter Ben steps up the podium and the DOLLAR felt as expected as he starts to speak. Just in his third sentence he said there will be no QE3 just yet. Seller stepped in and suddenly there was no Buyer left. After 10 mins price was 60 pips lower and the uptrend in EUR/USD was broken. BOOM

There is my ENTRY on this day. Enjoy Free Money; Enjoy Smart Money.

The Numbers:

-  Stop 20 Pips
-  Target 1: 60 Pips (made in 5 mins)
-  Target 2: 150 Pips

I could have made quite some more Pips, but I like to take the free lunch.
At the end of the week the EURO is 250 Pips lower from my Entry, but I made my stake. Done.

I have several setup for the coming week and I am in one position over the weekend (I will post the setup later).

I will post my EUR/AUD trade (closed with 140 Pips), my open EUR/JPY trade and my trading setups for next week later.

Have a great weekend.

As you may notice the new blog is in english and will be in the future (as I am german). But this is for a reason.  Stay tuned for more to come.

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